Nathan Parker is an independent author and spoken artist from Blackpool. Proud of his northern roots, Nathan is a keen champion of northern voices, committed to enabling people of all ages to engage with words, stories and conversations.

Nathan has a background in Youth Work, having worked in the community, schools, colleges and hostels in Blackpool and the North West for over 13 years. His vision is to combine youth work values and approaches with the topic of literacy to engage and motivate people to access reading, writing and storytelling, removing barriers and enabling confidence.

When not inspiring the youth of today, you can catch Nathan performing his free verse and poetry all over the place, hitting the stage in Manchester, Blackpool and the surrounding areas on a regular basis. Failing that, you’ll find him burrowed in his laptop creating his next fictional novel, commissioned poem or reflective piece about life’s struggles and surprises.

Due to both his professional experience and his own personal struggles, Nathan is also a keen mental health advocate and speaks openly and honestly about life as a male with depression.

Nathan is currently an ambassador for young men’s mental heath charity, Elliot’s Place, in Blackpool.

For more information on how to book Nathan for various workshops and live performances, please see the Services page.